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Tandem paragliding flight

Tandem paragliding flight over Lake Geneva

Accompanied by professional and passionate pilots to help you discover the skies, the Riviera, Montreux and Villeneuve

Adult: CHF 170.-
Student: CHF 145.-
Children: CHF 130.-


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Child paragliding flight

New / Price for family

Children from 5 to 16 years old can enjoy the activity and live this experience with an attentive and professional Team

Equipment adapted to small sizes will be available

Children: CHF 130.-


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Team building Family group

An unforgettable memory for group outings, company outings, stag and hen parties, family outings.

Table and space available for landing

From 5 people.

Group: CHF 145 .- / person


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Gift voucher

Tandem paragliding flight
Montreux / Villeneuve

Birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or other gift.
This voucher is a fun and original idea that we will remember!

Adult: CHF 170.-
Student: CHF 145.-
Child: CHF 130.-


Now in Villeneuve / Montreux

Tandem paragliding is all year round! Week  Saturday, Sunday and holidays included. 7/7

Tandem paragliding flight in Villeneuve

Benefiting from the Swiss Federal patent for more than 20 years, I exercise my passion for paragliding instructor in different schools of free flight. In 1999, I installed my two-seater paraglider flight structure (the first structure dedicated to two-seater paraglider flight only) in this magnificent region of Montreux and the Riviera. Take off from a mountain and land at the edge of Lake Geneva is a unique setting to discover the feeling of freedom offered by a tandem paraglider flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included ?

– A passenger insurance
– The way up to the take off site
– 20 minutes paragliding flight

Where do we meet ?

  1. If you come by car:
    Route d’Evian 39
    1845 NovilleBehind the “La Romande Energie” building
  2. If you come by train
    In front of the train station Villeneuve CFF
    Place de la Gare
    1844 Villeneuve

How high is the flight ?

We take off in Sonchaux around 1’410 meters above sea level and we land in Noville at 370 meters above sea level.

We are able to soar much higher, using thermals, if conditions allow!

Do I need to be fit ?

You don’t need to be an athlete, but you do need to be able to take a few steps to take off.

What is the weight limit ?

The maximum weight is 125kg.

Safety always comes first and, although we will try our best to take you flying, we do reserve the right to cancel flights if you are on or above the weight limit.

Can I fly with my wife/kid/ under the same glider ?

NO! Each person flies with their own pilot.

If you are with your family/friends and want to fly together its possible at the same time but each one with their own instructor.
Just one person per pilot. Its the rules in Switzerland.

How do I pay ?

Pay directly with your pilot after your flight.

Cash, crédit card or TWINT

Is transport included ?

Transport from the meeting point to the take off is included.

Where do we land ?

We land just next to the parking at the meeting point 1 (Route d’Evian 39, 1845 Noville)

Can I take a camera/mobile phone ?

Yes, as long as it is a compact camera/GoPro and can be secured to you (mandatory safety line!).

We decline any responsibility in the event of loss object during the whole activity.

No DSLRs, removable lenses for safety reasons.

What should I wear ?

Wear what you would wear to hike, layered clothing.

Wear confortable shoes (no flip flops or high heel shoes) Layered clothing, and good shoes (no flip flops!).

We have shoes and staff if you need something.

During summer time you cans wear short pants and short sleeves.

Sunglasses are recommande any time.

The safety helmet is provided by the pilot.

During winter time dress warmly and take a scarf and gloves.

What happens if it rains ?

If we cannot fly due to weather of course you don’t have to pay anything.

I’ve never done this before, is that ok ?

Yes! You don’t need any experience.

you will be flying with a highly experienced pilot who will brief you throughly.

My friend wants to watch, is that possible ?

Yes! We suggest that spectators wait at the landing field in Noville.

Table and benches are at your disposal

What transport is available to the meeting point ?

–  Bus VMCV 201 from Montreux to Bus stop “Les Fourches” (free with MontreuxRiviera Card)
–  Taxi from Montreux to the meeting point “Route d’Evian 39, 1845 Noville (about CHF 30.- one way)

How long is the flight ?

The flight time is approximately 15-25 minutes, depending on thermic conditions.
Our pilots have 1.2 hours for all the trip. We use this time to give you the best moment in the sky.

Can I take a bag ?

Yes, if it is a small bag. If it is too large to fly with, you can simply leave it in the shuttle and send it down and collect it at landing !

What is the age limit ?

There isn’t one! We suggest a minimum age of 5 for kids, and there is NO upper age limit

What is our cancellation policy ?

We have a 24 hour penalty-free cancellation policy. Cancellations made by guests within 24 hours of the flight time will be charged CHF 120.- / pers.

Cancellations that Fly-Xperience make due to weather are free of charge.

How much is the photo/video package ?

Photos/videos cost CHF  40.-

There is no need to book beforehand, you can decide after the flight.

if you would like photos/videos, the pilot will give you a SD card (included in the price) or load them directly onto your phone (if compatible).

I have more questions…

Please contact us via SMS, WhatsApp or call us directly on
+41 78 648 20 68

or send an email to

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