The activity / Meeting point

Schedule of the activity

Hello, thank you for your booking
– The day before the flight, (before 6.00pm) please confirm by sms your presence  +41 78 648 20 68  or
– Please come 15 minutes earlier
– Toilets are available at the ENI STATION ( Next to the meeting point), Go before the appointment for organisation reasons
– Adapted rates on the spot according to chosen option ( student price / videos )
– The payment will be preferably in cash or by gift voucher, credit card it’s possible
– If you do not show up at the meeting as agreed, CHF 120.- / person will be charged

– Windproof jacket
– Comfortable shoes
– Sunglasses
– Gloves (not essential)
– Camera with the security line mandatory  (if you want to keep an unforgettable memory)


If you come by car


Meeting place 1

Route d’Evian 39
1845 Noville
Behind La Romande Energie



If you come by Train

Meeting place 2
In front of the train station Villeneuve CFF
Place de la Gare
1844 Villeneuve

Train schedule

Map if you come by CAR   


CHF 170.- Flight of Sonchaux
CHF 150.- Student on presentation of the card
CHF   40.- Photos and Movie Options

Our values

Professionalism of the pilot

For Who ?

No special physical skills required
Anyone between 4 and 104 years and 20 to 120 kg
Children or teenagers under the age of 14, parental permission is nevertheless required
Possibility of flying in a wheelchair (theft for disabled people)
Do you have vertigo?
No problem. Because you do not have contact with the ground the vertigo effect does not exist

When ?

7 days on 7
10h00 / 11h30 / 13h00 / 14h30 / 16h00 / 17h30
Duration of the activity: 1.2 hours
(climb to take off and flight about 20 minutes)

Last minute