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Conduct of a flight

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Your paragliding reservation

-One day before your flight, (IN THE EVENING) you will receive a confirmation via SMS and email to be validated by clicking on the link.
It’s important to confirm your attendance the day before.

-Please arrive 15 minutes in advance at the meeting point.

– Restrooms are available at the ENI station near the meeting point; please use them before the activity for organizational purposes.

-The student or child rate and the photo option will be adjusted during on-site payment.

-You can pay for your service with a card, cash, Twint, or with a valid Fly-Xperience gift voucher.

-Please note that if you do not show up for the appointment, the service will be charged at CHF 120.- per person.

-Fly-Xperience and its partner gift vouchers are exclusively accepted.”

Vol parapente Villeneuve / Montreux


-Comfortable shoes, sneakers…
-Windbreaker jacket (depending on the temperature, it can be comfortable)
-Gloves, (you can bring them depending on the season)
-Any personal device must be equipped with mandatory security to prevent loss during the flight
-Mobile phone should be securely attached or stored in a zippered pocket during the flight

Access by car:

Meet at the landing field.

Path of the Reeds
(Route d’Evian 39)
1845 Noville
Behind Romande Energie
Parking in front of the red barrier along the forest

Vol parapente Villeneuve / Montreux

Access by train:

In front of the Train Station 

Place de la gare
1844 Villeneuve

Paragliding tandem flight

-You are arriving by car! Meet at the landing site.
-You are arriving by public transport! Meet in front of Villeneuve train station.
-Arrive 15 minutes before at the chosen location during the reservation.

-Transportation with our bus to the Sonchaux take-off point, 25 minutes.
-Equipment and a short briefing at the Sonchaux take-off point.
-Tandem paragliding flight, 15-25 minutes depending on weather conditions.
-Thermal and acrobatic flight possible depending on conditions.

-Transfer of photos and videos to your mobile phone.
-Souvenir, flight certificate, “I DID IT” keychain.

-Total duration: approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

-Accompanying guests will remain at the landing site.
-Tables, chairs, parasols, and a mini bar are available at the landing site.
-Binoculars are also provided for accompanying guests.

Rates / Paragliding

CHF 190.-   Adulte 
CHF 170.-   Student 
CHF 170.-   Group 
CHF 150.-   Child 5-16 years old
CHF  40.-    Photo and movie options

Payment Policy

The payment for the service will be made on-site, and we rely on your attendance following your registration. We appreciate your commitment to ensure we can maintain this payment system.


– 7 DAYS ON 7 –

9.30 a.m. / 11:00 a.m. / 12:30 p.m. /
2:00 p.m. / 3:30 p.m. / 5:00 p.m.

Bon cadeau
Rdv / Meeting