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Celebrate your birthday paragliding in the air of Villeneuve!

Celebrate your birthday paragliding in the air of Villeneuve!

Want to spend a birthday differently? A tandem paragliding flight over Villeneuve, an original gift idea not to be missed!

With FlyXperience, young people can enjoy celebrating their birthday at a reduced price:

Children aged 5 to 16 pay CHF 130.- for a tandem paragliding flight.

We invite you to escape in style for this exceptional day and offer your child an unforgettable memory!

Alone or with others, your child can take his friends and fly in a group paraglider in Montreux, Villeneuve and the Riviera.
Fly-xperience provides group paragliding flights with experienced pilots. The Fly-xperience Team supports passengers from take-off to landing as well as during the shuttle trip from Villeneuve to Sonchaux.

Your child will be in the hands of friendly and professional pilots who will offer them a paragliding flight in complete safety and above all in a good mood.

The landing takes place in a field close to Lake Geneva.

For those accompanying you who are not flying a tandem paraglider, it is possible to wait at the landing site where a table, chairs and parasol are available. You will have the pleasure of seeing your guest arrive by paraglider and land before your eyes! Pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed and above all shared.

Don’t wait any longer, order your gift voucher for a tandem paragliding flight in Villeneuve.

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