Paragliding flight

Sonchaux to Villeneuve flights

Altitude 1’430 m, elevation of 1’030 m, above Lake Geneva and the Vaud Riviera, between Montreux and Villeneuve, with an overflight of the Château de Chillon. The experience is unforgettable and the view offered by the takeoff is totally unique in the region. It is the flight that we advise you, you will remain dazzled so the landscape is beautiful and varied, breathtaking views of the Castle Chillon, the Vaud Riviera and Lake Geneva.

It was here that the first world championship of aerobatic paragliding Red Bull Vertigo took place!


CHF 170.- Flight of Sonchaux
CHF 150.- Student on presentation of the card
CHF   40.- Photos and Movie Options


7 days on 7
10h00 / 11h30 / 13h00 / 14h30 / 16h00 / 17h30
Duration of the activity: 1h30
(climb to take off and flight about 25 minutes)

For Who

No special physical skills required
Anyone between 4 and 104 years and 20 to 120 kg
Children or adolescents under the age of 14, parental permission is nevertheless required
Possibility of flying in a wheelchair (theft for disabled people)
Do you have vertigo?
No problem. Because you do not have contact with the ground the vertigo effect does not exist

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